C# and Dot Net Development

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Realogic is based in Bath and is run by John Jolly, a Chartered Engineer and software consultant with over two decades experience developing information technology systems.

C# and Dot Net

Realogic offers consultancy based on C#, Dot Net and associated technologies

C# and .Net together make an effective and adaptable basis to develop and extend all sorts of IT components.

The .Net framework provides a huge range of functionality that can be used directly by developers to leverage maximum function and reliability with minimum cost.

The case studies highlight how Realogic has made use of this resource.

Beyond Dot Net

Realogic can provide C++ skills and experience to integrate with software that lies outside of the .Net realm, unmanaged code in .Net parlance.

This means that practically any resource on a computer can be subject to programmatic control and third party software libraries written in other languages such as C or C++ can be accessed.

Web Technology

Realogic can develop web applications using a variety of techniques depending on the general objectives.

For customised applications that require attention to performance then with MVC, or for applications that already exist and use it updates to ASP.Net.

For scenarios that require functionality to be delivered in very short time frames ASP Dynamic Data and LightSwitch may be appropriate.


Realogic integrates with teams using Agile Scrum based methodologies and is able to adapt to client preferences either on or off site.

Realogic is familiar with the disciplines if Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration